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La Voz is a Milton Academy student-run Spanish newspaper that includes news, opinions, regular departments and reviews. The genre alone makes La Voz rare among school publications across the country, as does its continuous publication since the first edition in 1986.

“We adhere to strict journalistic standards,” said Ana Colbert, who served as faculty advisor to La Voz. “News stories, for instance, have to be researched and represent multiple points of view.” In addition to news, students also submit interviews, reviews, op-ed pieces and creative writing. Many students choose to work with the editorial team or to submit their own original ideas.

La Voz has served as a way to highlight great work done in Spanish class in addition to being a forum unto itself.

In 2012 La Voz launched an online edition. In the winter of 2013-14, under the leadership of Señor Díaz and Señor Connolly, La Voz transitioned to a 100% digital format, providing greater opportunities for contributors and more dynamic content. In 2022, La Voz marked a decade of digital publication.

Look for more creative content–writing, audio, video, photos–in the years to come. ¡Que corra La Voz!