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“Soy Simón”

por Meredith Monnich, 2023

While studying in Zaragoza, Spain, I had the opportunity to take painting and film-making classes at a local community center. These classes ignited my creativity and inspired me to explore the arts in ways I had never been able to before. During my final month in Spain, I decided to combine these two genres into my Capstone Project. I worked with a classmate to film and edit a documentary detailing the life of our beloved painting teacher and renowned artist, Paco Simón.

This is an example of 3D artwork that I made during my time in Spain. Every Thursday, I took painting classes in a local art studio, which definitely helped me discover my love for art! At the end of the year, my art class held a show in which all our creations were on display for the public to see. Here is mine!

Cuando estaba pensando en algo para crear, supe que quería representar mi experiencia aquí en España. No podría poner mis sentimientos o emociones en una pintura o dibujos, así que decidí hacerlo de una manera más abstracta. Todas las formas. colores y textos representan el caos, la felicidad, el descubrimiento, y la confusión de este año.

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