Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month Events

Let’s get out to celebrate some local and virtual events to commemorate Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month.

  • Monday 9/25: Premier of Uýra – The Rising Forest. Through dance, poetry, and stunning characterization, Uýra, a trans indigenous artist, boldly confronts historical racism, transphobia & environmental destruction in Brazil.
  • Tuesday 9/26: Latinx Association Assembly on campus featuring speaker Maysa Akbar and performers Ten Tumbao
  • Wednesday 9/27: GBH News welcomes Java with Jimi, live at the BPL Studio
  • Wednesday 9/27 – Thursday 10/5: Cine Fest Latino Boston
  • Monday 10/5: El Equipo. This GBH co-presentation with VOCES tracks the work of legendary anthropologist Dr. Clyde Snow as he and his team use modern forensic methods to find answers to decades-old questions in Argentina, El Salvador, Bolivia and Mexico.

Photos from the Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month Assembly.